Together We Pivot:
Towards a Brighter

Empowering Early-Stage Organizations for Social Impact in Southeastern Nigeria



About The Pivot Challenge

The Pivot Challenge aims to identify and support early-stage organizations with innovative solutions to social problems, fostering entrepreneurship and social impact in Southeastern Nigeria. This inaugural event will mark the first-ever Pivot Challenge, aligning with The Pivot’s mission of promoting values, socioeconomic progress, and leadership accountability….

Target Sectors
  • Agriculture and Food Security
  • Clean Energy and Environment
  • Gender Equality and Social Inclusion
  • Technology and Innovation
  • Healthcare and Well-being
  • Economic Development and Job Creation
  • Education and Skill Development
  • Infrastructure and Urban Development
  • Insecurity
Target Audience
  • Early-Stage Startups and Entrepreneurs
  • Non-Profit Organizations
  • Impact Investors and Philanthropists
  • Government Agencies and Policymakers
  • Private Sector Professionals
  • Mentors and Industry Experts

The Pivot Timeline

July 12, 2024
Application Launches

July 12, 2024
August 12, 2024
Applicaton Closes

August 12, 2024
August 26, 2024
Bootcamp Starts

August 26, 2024
September 13, 2024
Pitch Masterclass

September 13, 2024
October 1, 2024
The Pivot Conference and Pivot Challenge Grand Finale

October 1, 2024
About The Pivot

The Pivot is an initiative that aims to foster sustainable change and drive
societal transformation in Africa through thought-provoking conversations,
innovative thinking, and collaborative actions…

You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.

Richard Buckminster Fuller

American Architect and Writer

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